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Updated: Dec 5, 2023

One of the most popular golf carts today are lifted golf carts.

Golf Carts lift kits essentially raise the height of your cart, featuring larger tires to the cart. It has several advantages over regular carts, ranging from added strength and off-road maneuvering to an increased level of attractiveness.


Increased Clearance

As your cart is taller, it essentially has an added clearance to the underside of the cart. This is mainly an advantage if you use your cart for off-roading purposes.

This is because, with a lift, you don’t need to worry about rocks, trees, stumps, and other similar obstacles damaging your cart as your drive over them.

Higher Speed

A lifted golf car usually means larger tires. These tires offer a higher level of speed than regular tires do. The difference in speed varies from a few miles per hour to 20 mph.

Speed may not be necessarily beneficial from a safety standpoint, but it allows you to drive faster.

Getting In & Out

Since the cart is raised with a lift kit, it’s much easier to get in and out of the cart.

More Power

Many people use their golf carts to transport heavy items across distances that walking could not cover. Some larger campuses also use golf carts to transport people over distances, particularly those who have trouble walking.

If you need your golf cart for heavy demands, the lift kit provides you with more power and reduces the risk of damage to the cart.

lifted golf carts

The difference between non-lifted and lifted golf carts is that they built the first to a standard height.

Lifted golf carts are more helpful if you use your golf cart for off-roading purposes. It reduces the risk of damage to the front of your cart while driving over rocks, trees, stumps, and other similar obstacles.

A golf cart lift also provides better visibility when driving down hills or up steep ones since you don’t need to worry about anything obstructing your line of sight.

However, suppose your golf course sees more challenging terrain that requires you to lift the front tires of your cart off obstacles. In that case, any of our lifted golf carts from ICON EV, ROYAL EV, or BINTELLI EV, 100% are a fantastic investment for you.

Visit or contact us at any of our stores in Miami, FL, or Key Largo, FL to help you make your decision. We are here for you.


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