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Updated: Jan 18

Our Bintelli, Royal and Honor LSV golf carts are well designed. They are built with aluminum frames which makes golf carts sturdier and aids in a steady ride even on bumpy roads. Absorbing more of the bumps and jolts while driving on rougher terrain. This is difficult to achieve with steel-framed golf carts. Anyway this may not be the only decision-making factor for golf enthusiasts.

If you live in a coastal or very humid climate, aluminum framed golf carts will offer a distinct advantage against rust, corrosion and other threats or weather conditions. Of course, this make the golf cart lighter and it will show the difference with steel framed carts when it comes to the overall battery life. And also, will help your cart to have a longer life.

aluminum frame golf carts

If you want to learn more about our aluminum frame golf carts and how can they gives you a new level to your lifestyle, do not hesitate in contact us!


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