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    Honor LSV golf carts were created by manufacturing experts with over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience. Honor LSV believes that our reliance, as a country, on foreign products is a national security risk. Honor designs, manufactures, and assembles golf carts and luxury low speed vehicles that compete in an industry dominated by foreign products. Honor LSV goal is to reshore as much product back to the US to create American jobs, provide a quality American product, and give back to our community. Honor LSV is the proof that America can compete with foreign manufacturing! Every year, Honor LSV selects a local military or law enforcement non profit organization to donate a portion of its proceeds back to our community. Honor LSV golf carts uses the latest in manufacturing technology that is traditionally found in the automotive or aerospace industries to create our vehicles.  Honor LSV products are cut with precision lasers and robotically welded for the highest accuracy possible.  Parts are then robotically painted or powder coated with the largest automated powder coat line in South Carolina, then assembled by skilled American workers. Honor LSV is honored to be proof that Americans can create and compete with overseas products…all while using metals, plastics and other components made in the USA. 100% Assembled in Summerville SC, USA. More work done in house than any other manufacturer in the industry. The only ALL ALUMINUM CART on market. The only powder coated Aluminum frame and sub-frame. ALL spare parts available to ship from SC. Check out our Honor LSV inventory of 4-passenger golf carts and 6-passenger golf carts, and schedule a test drive with us. Honor LSV Mission Statement is simple... Principle over Profit. "We will not sacrifice our morals or ethics to make a dollar." Join the Reshore Revolution with honors lsv golf carts, and help bring manufacturing back to the US! Contact us today to learn more about Honor LSV golf carts and mission!


    Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the USA. Royal street legal golf carts are street ready and smart design to go beyond the golf course. Street Legal light kit: Headlights, Blinkers, Tail lights, Brake Lights, Fog lights els. Custom Rims and Tires: Equipped from factory with custom aluminum rims and street as well as all terrain tires. Standard Equipment: Digital dash with charge indicator, Horn, Digital speedometer, LED Lighted side mirrors, Back up camera, Custom steering wheel, Fold down windshield (tinted or clear). Bonus Features: Retractable seat belts, Integrated cooler under back seat, Extend roof systems and Custom seats. Meet our two Royal EV Series, Crown Series and Ambassador Series. Royal Crown Series AMBASSADOR SERIES Powerful 5KW Motor | 25 MPH Top Speed | 48V Lithium Ion Maintenance Free Battery. Seats 4 or 6: Spacious four-seater and six-seater with foldable back seats, built-in cooler for added convenience. Road Ready: Experience road-ready freedom with our golf carts, equipped with all the essential features to legally navigate the streets. Lithium Powered: Equipped with long-lasting lithium batteries, our carts require minimal maintenance while providing extended ride time. 5 Color Options: Standard color options available. FEATURE LOADED Street Legal LSV: Drive legally on streets and golf courses with our versatile golf carts. Performance: Unleash powerful acceleration and efficient energy usage for an exhilarating ride. Comfort: Experience luxurious seating and ample legroom for a smooth and comfortable journey. Safety: Drive confidently with responsive brakes, enhanced visibility, and robust safety features. Luxury: Indulge in elegance with meticulously crafted designs and premium finishes. Modern Technology: Stay connected and entertained with intuitive displays, GPS, Bluetooth, and more. Our Commitment to Quality. Comprehensive Warranty Rest easy knowing that your golf carts and batteries are backed by a comprehensive warranty: 3-Years body warranty and 5-Years Li battery warranty. READY FOR A TEST RIDE? Discover your nearest GolfCartMax dealer and schedule a test ride, contact us! Experience the power, comfort, and style of Royal EV today.


    Drive the course, cruise the beach, or go anywhere in between; your ICON EV will take you there. Upgrade your transportation with ICON EV! ICONIC STANDARD: High quality, affordable golf carts are what separate us from other brands. ICON EV gives our customers a superior product at the very best price. This is how we’ve changed the game. ICON EV is constantly pushing the boundaries of what an electric golf cart should be. Can a cart carry the whole family and then some? ICON golf carts can. Can you drive a golf cart to and from the grocery store? You can if it’s an ICON. ICON EV golf carts accept no limits, ICON EV golf carts conquer them! All ICON golf carts are street legal in most of the United States. Check your local and state ordinances to see if you can drive your cart on public roads. Our ICON electric golf carts range in price based on buildout and features. ICON EV vast selection of golf cart models, also offer countless ways in which they can be configured. One size does not fit all, and ICON EV believe “choice” is best left in the hands of the consumer. Upgrades come standard on each ICON golf cart, offering incredible value, all for the same price the competitors charge for a base model. For the consumer, the choice isn’t whether they should buy an ICON instead of another brand; it’s how many amazing features they want at a price point they can afford. We feature ICON street legal golf carts for 2 passengers, 4 passengers, 6 passenger and utility carts. Our models are: - i20 - i40, i40F, i40L, i40FL - i60 and i60L - i20U and i20UL You can also learn more about the 2-Year ICON EV Manufacturer limited warranty here. ICON EV is committed to industry innovation, and this has propelled the brand to the top. That’s why ICON EV have been able to grow exponentially since the beginning. What started as a small operation in 2017 has grown into the fastest-growing golf car company in the US. Our team is dedicated to helping you locate your dream golf cart at any GolfCartMax dealer near you. Experience the difference that has made ICON EV an industry disruptor with the most incredible fit, finish, and added features that come standard. Contact us!

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