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ROYAL EV R6L, 6 passenger electric golf cart *

ROYAL EV R6L, 6 passenger electric golf cart *

* Above pictures does not show all options.

* $795 Street-Legal included in current price. Advertised price, DOES NOT include: Sales Tax, Excise/Tariff Tax, Tag/Transfer, other options or freight.

* Available local FREE delivery and pick up.




Drive Motor: 48 volts AC, Shunt, wound, 6.8 hp
Transaxle: Double reduction helical gear with 12.3.1 direct-drive axle
Electrical System: 48-Volts Ac
Batteries: High Capacity, deep cycle
Charger: Onboard Intelligent Charger


Steering: Self Adjusting rack and pinion
Suspension: Double Wishbone
Brakes: Four Wheel hydraulic disk brakes


Frame/Chassis: Aluminum and Composite
Front and rear Body: PP Materials
Body: High-gloss molded-in color
Lug-Nut Torque Values (Front and rear tires) 55 ft-lb (67.8 to 81.3 N.M)



Overall Length: 150in.

Overall Width: 52in.

Overall Height (with canopy): 80in.

Wheelbase: 67in.

Ground Clearance: 18.5in.


(Standard electric vehicle without batteries): 972/989lb
Forward Speed: 21 to 25 mph
Standard Seating Capacity: 4+2
Trans-axle: 12.21:1
Range (Miles): 25
Turning Radius(FT): 8.2
Climbing Ability: 25% w/ 12.31:1
Braking Distance 12 MPH (FT): 12.84
Max Load Capacity(LBS) 1,325
Voltage: 48V
Onboard Charger: Enpower 17A
Motor: AC 5KW KDS
Motor HorsePower: 6.8
Controller: Curtis 1232 400AMP (optional Curtis 1236 450AMP)
Windshield-Tinted: Acrylic Folding
2 Point Seat Beats: Retractable
Steering Wheel: Sport
Side Rear View Mirrors: LED
LED Light Kit: YES
LCD Instrument Cluster: YES
USB Charging Port: YES
Steering System: Helical Rack and Pinion
Brakes: 4 Wheel Disc Brake
14' Wheels & Tires upgrade (Street/Off-Road): 12/14 in. Aluminum
Aluminum Frame: YES
Roof Color: Match Body Color
Extended Roof Included: Yes
Rear Flip Seat: Deluxe
Stainless Steel Hardware: YES
Front and Rear Tire Pressure: 18 psi

Color: Red