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ICON EV i60L 6 passenger electric golf cart*

ICON EV i60L 6 passenger electric golf cart*

* Above pictures does not show all options.

* $795 Street-Legal and freight price is included in current price. Advertised price, DOES NOT include: Sales Tax, Excise/Tariff Tax, Tag/Transfer, other options.

* Available local FREE delivery and pick up.


The legendary lifted ICON® EV i60L is sleek, sturdy and the most practical six-seater golf cart for commercial & residential use.

48 Volt ICON® 5KW AC motor and controller, (8) 6V sealed maintenance-free AGM batteries, 12′′ aluminum wheels, durable front, and rear bumpers.


Motor: 48 Volt AC 4kw
Battery: Trojan Lead Acid, NexGen AGM, or
NexGen Advanced Lithium
Charger: On Board
Transaxle: 10.25:1 High Speed Rear Axle - continuously
Controller: Toyota© 350 AH

Seating Capacity: 6 persons
Forward Speed: Up to 25 M.P.H.
Braking Distance: Approx. 10 feet
Turning Radius: Approx. 15 feet
Climbing: Safe Climb 25% grade / Max Climb 35% grade
Maximum distance per full charge: Approx. 30-50 miles.

Chassis: A-Frame powder coated Steel. Four Wheel Coil
Over Shock Suspension, Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
Top Supports: Galvanized Steel. Anti-Corrosive Dip w/
Powder Coat
Body: PP Material
Cart Dimensions: 13' x 4' x 6.5'
Ground Clearance: 7 Inches
Net Weight: 948 Lbs.

Lights: Head, Tail, Brake, and Turn Signals *
Wheels: 12-inch Aluminum
Other: Charge Indicator, Horn, Digital Speedometer,
Gauges, Side Mirrors, Seat Belts
Optional: A full line of Accessory Upgrades and Parts.

Color: Orange