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Guaranteed to be
the best price of any
electric golf cart in the market!


Honor LSV electric golf carts
ROYAL EV golf carts
Icon EV electric golf carts
EPIC EV golf carts


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GolfcartMax is the Electrical Vehicle division of TruckMax Inc., which has been around for for almost 25 years.

We are a privately-owned company with a solid history of innovation and a vision for continued success in the future. GolfcartMax's chosen mission is to distribute and market electric golf carts of uncompromising quality. GolfcartMax has a substantial investment in the finest people, facilities, and customer support services reflecting the seriousness of our strong commitment to quality.

The cornerstone of our success is hard work—we work with our customers, as well as for our customers. We feel this is a new marketing opportunity where we can apply the knowledge gained from the years of working with the public and practical experience.

Founded in 2019 GolfcartMax, spun off from a dynamic Company TruckMax. With over 40 years of experience in the Luxury Automobile and over 25 years in the Commercial Truck Industry. We wanted to bring together pleasure and quality and what better than an Electric Vehicle from ICON EV, ROYAL EV, or BINTELLI EV - leaders in the industry of street legal Golf Carts.

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